Writing latest C# in Unity

Unity is one of the most popular game engine. However, one of the most annoying thing is the compiler does not support the latest C#. Although we cannot use the all the latest feature in Unity, some of them does not need latest CLR. You can also write in latest syntax if you want.

Instead of writing this.

public int Size
    get { return _list.Count; }

You can now writing this.

public int Size => _list.Count;

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Hide variables in Android application

This article does not prevent your data in Android application from receiving by decompiling the .apk file.
For further information please read this article.

When you create a open source Android application on GitHub, you probably do not want all your password and API key to be uploaded publicly. One of the ways is to modify the variables every time you publish a build or testing but this is very annoying to do.

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Using Jekyll to blog in Windows


When I was teenager, I started blogging using Sina. It is a simple blog-publishing service with some customizable options. That was more than enough for a newbie who only knew some HTML and CSS. As time passed by, there is rumour that Sina was going to close its blog service. Therefore, I migrated my blog to Blogger. Blogger provides more customizable options. Other than CSS, you can use widgets. However, I was frustrated by the limited widgets and themes are not enough for me after a period of time.
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